Día del Libro. Camisetas en papel.

Hoy es el Día Internacional del Libro, aquí en Cataluña, el día de Sant Jordi. Antes de irme a pasear por las paraditas de libros os he hecho una recolección de libros dedicados a las camisetas, y no penséis que hay pocos! En el directorio, o por la etiqueta «libros» podéis encontrar algunos que ya comenté anteriormente.

Pussy and Papers Poetry Power and Pistols:
Una retrospectiva de Kevin Lyons con bocetos de BEAMS-R, Natural Born, Stussy, SSUR, Girl Skateboards, 2K, Huf, Giant Step, Niké, RISD, Kingpin, Tokion y más.

T-shirt 360º (2ª Edición):
Más de 600 diseños, 100 diseñadores y 30 países divididos en los siguientes capítulos: animales, bromas, miscelánea, gente, lugares y tipografía. Incluye entrevistas a 6 de los mejores diseñadores.

T-shirt, nuevo diseño de camisetas:
Este libro presenta los últimos diseños gráficos de camisetas realizados por artistas y diseñadores de todo el mundo. Desde grafismos especialmente diseñados para este libro hasta diseños realizados para clientes específicos, T-Shirt. Nuevo diseño de camisetas muestra una instantánea del estado de la creatividad global y destaca temáticas y rasgos absolutamente internacionales sobre este tema. Se recogen trabajos de autores ya consolidados (Gama-Go, Shepard Falrey, Just Another Rich Kid, Intercity) hasta camisetas diseñadas por autores emergentes y prometedores (Soft Service, Stereotype Design, Vault 49, Barking Irons).

T-Shirt, 500 camisetas:
En 1920, la palabra T-shirt aparecía en los diccionarios norteamericanos oficiales. Hoy en día con la «Revolución del Diseño Gráfico» la camiseta sigue estando en lo más alto de las tendencias que marca la moda, hasta convertirse en verdaderas piezas de coleccionismo. Este libro nos traslada a un recorrido histórico de más de un siglo de diseño de camisetas.

En inglés:

100% Cotton:
Este es el primero de 3 libros escritos por Helen Walters:
Helen Walters is a writer and editor who lives and works in New York. Formerly features editor and now contributing editor to Creative Review magazine in the UK, she has written about art, design, music, products and style for numerous international publications. She is also the author of a number of books on various design-related topics, including 100%, 200% and 300% Cotton, a successful series of titles on contemporary T-shirt graphics and a monograph on the Brooklyn-based design company, GH avisualagency. She is co-author, with Liz Faber, of Animation Unlimited: Innovative Short Films since 1940.

200% Cotton:
Following on the success of 100% Cotton, Helen Walters now presents an entirely new selection of cutting-edge shirts from the past couple of years. Far more than a casual article of clothing, the T-shirt is a portable personal ad, its wearer declaring their political/musical/social affiliations for the world to see. This book reflects the current diverse graphic culture of the medium, considering its use in areas such as music, politics and fashion. It encompassses tees commissioned by fashion labels and bands, photographs of T-shirts worn by passersby on the streets of cities around the world, shirts specially created around the theme of 200% and those that designers wear as their own personal portfolios. There are also inteviews with shirt-junkies whose collections extend to the thousands. The contemporary designers featured include Tyler Askew, Deanne Cheuk, GH avisualagency, Triboro, Fuck Yoga, Pottymouth, Danger, howies, JAKe, Mode 2, FL33, Happypets Products, Vier5, Neasden Control Centre, National Forest and Oeuf..

300% Cotton:
More than a cheap article of clothing, the T-shirt is a portable personal ad, its wearer declaring their political/musical/social affiliations for the world to see. Since the 1960s, the T-shirt has provided a forum for expression where anti-war slogans mixed with early counter-culture classics such as /’/Keep on Truckin/’/, and tie-dye mingled with the debut of that hardy perennial, the tour T-shirt – album cover graphic on the front, venue details listed on the back. This book reflects the diverse and rich graphic culture that has arisen from the medium, considering its use in areas such as music, politics and fashion. Featuring photographs of T-shirts worn on the street, specially commissioned T-shirt graphics, T-shirt collections, and the best and coolest graphics from around the world, 300% Cotton will appeal to designers, illustrators and art directors, as well as a general market of T-shirt enthusiasts and collectors.

Rock Tease
We rock-and-roll fans are incredibly passionate and devoted to our music, proudly wearing T-shirts of our favorite bands to define ourselves and say this is who I am. Now, for the first time, here is the only comprehensive survey available of the iconic rock T-shirt, presenting 200 photos of the greatest shirts from three decades. The socio-fashion phenomenon, the creativity, and artistic freedom on display is matched only by the music behind the names: Elvis, the MC5, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, Lou Reed, the Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Iggy Pop, Black Sabbath, Sex Pistols, the Clash, Neil Young, Frank Zappa, AC/DC, Pink Floyd, Rush, Def Leppard, Slayer, Jane’s Addiction, Sonic Youth–all the greats are here plus many rare surprises.

Generation T:
Interesante libro que explica como customizar todo tipos de camisetas para poder reciclarlas y crear modelos exclusivos.

En la página podéis encontrar toda la información sobre el proyecto aunque está desactualizado, en el blog se explica el tour que hizo su autora, Megan Nicolay, presentando el libro.

99 Ways to Cut, Sew, Trim and Tie your T shirt into Something Special:
Extraordinarily clever ways to transform any ordinary T-shirt.

The pattern techniques are simple, and the supplies you’ll need are easy to find: T-shirts, scissors, sewing needle, and thread. The difficulty of each project is rated from 1 to 4, and none take more than 30 minutes to create. You’ll never look plain wearing a T-shirt and jeans again.

The T-shirt Book:
A fun, sexy tribute to a timeless clothing basic, this 400 page book features hundreds of colorful examples of the T-Shirt at its legendary best. From its humble origins as an undergarment to its current star status as a classic piece of clothing worn by billions around the world, the T-shirt has truly achieved the status of a legend.

The Art of the Band T-shirt:
The Art of the Band T-shirt is a visual history of that perennial fashion statement, complete with nearly two hundred images of the most important, influential, iconic, and ironic T-shirts. It includes shirt images from artists as diverse as Led Zeppelin, the Ramones, Madonna, Morrissey, Public Enemy, and the Flaming Lips, each with a caption that includes historical background, little-known facts, or an artist’s comments about the design.

T-shirt 360º:
T-Shirt 360 is a collection of some of the most wearable graphics designed in the past few years presented in 6 chapters that categorize the designs along thematic lines. A comprehensive visual encyclopedia of T-shirt graphics, this book features some of the most striking pieces from all over the globe – some you may have already scooped, others you will have missed entirely. Also included are interviews with Accentuate Clothing, Bettino, Bonus T-Shirts, By the Booth, HeadStrong & Mutual Response.

From costly high-style designer creations to those displaying college and sports team logos, T-shirts have become an international icon. Presented here are over 1200 color images of collectible contemporary T-shirts, divided into groups by popular themes, including amusement parks, baseball, basketball, Broadway plays, charities, comic book characters, Disney®, farm tractors, football, Golf, Hard Rock Cafe®, motorcycles, museums, musical groups, the Olympics®, skateboarding, soccer, space travel, surfing, vehicles, and many others!

Fashion t-shirts:
A plain T-shirt is a blank canvas just waiting to be dressed up. Fashion T-Shirts is about transforming a T into a personal fashion statement with easy sewing and crafting. The 25 projects both alter and embellish a basic, inexpensive T-shirt. The embellishing includes simple embroidery, crochet, painting, stamping, buttons, fringes, tassels, rhinestones, and beads.

From Cotton to T-shirt:
How is a T-shirt made? Soft white cotton is grown, picked, and sent to a factory. At the factory, machines spin the cotton into thread that is woeven into cloth, dyed, cut, and sewn into T-shirts that are sent on trucks to stores to be sold.

Wearing History:
The T-shirt is a part of Americana, and nowhere is this reflected more than in the gay and lesbian community’s struggle for civil rights. Through imagination, wit, and a passion for equality, the activists who wrote, designed-and more importantly-wore the shirts helped define a movement. From the sad to the troubling, the poignant to the humorous, this is the definitive pop culture chronicler of our lives.

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